In the Autumn of 2016 I was heading towards the end of the year with a feeling of dread. My youngest daughter would be starting nursery part-time the following January and I knew that would be the moment that some time would open up for me to start exploring what I really wanted from life. It was a terrifying thought.


I knew that I wasn't tapping into my full potential and that there was a more satisfying life ahead of me. The trouble was, I was full of self-doubt and felt directionless. I had left a good career in the theatre 3 years before and, after years of pouring myself into my children, it was time to think about myself. I needed someone to hold space for me to explore how I could balance work and motherhood without feeling high levels of anxiety. I knew that using a coach would be a good investment to help me find my purpose.


Working with a coach was the first time I felt truly heard. I wasn’t looking for advice. I needed someone to offer me accountability; ask the right questions; encourage me to push past the stories I was telling myself; challenge me; believe in me; allow me time for reflection; and most of all empower me to show up to my own life. Having a coach gave me permission to think about myself and get excited about the many possibilities I had open to me. Being coached enabled me to turn away from 'I can't'; 'I don’t have time'; 'that's not me' to 'what if?'; 'I will'; 'I can...'.


Over my time being coached, I felt able to voice my secret desires that I wanted to run my own business and then spent the next 6 months implementing just that. I now have a profitable business that is growing steadily. I have become a certified coach; done a public talk about my work; delivered coach training; improved my relationship with my children; and set boundaries to protect my time and my well-being.


None of those things would have happened had I not had a coach and not committed to showing up, doing the work; and pushing past resistance.


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